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De-Age Your Pictures with Intelligent Software

Did a brutally honest camera accentuate every little skin wrinkle on your face? Or did bad lighting age your model way beyond their years? Whichever the case, there is a simple way to fix this - you need a digital wrinkle remover. PhotoWorks is the best software to do the job. Use this smart photo editor to smooth wrinkles and make the face in the picture look fresh and well-rested.

Portrait of a woman before editing with the wrinkle remover Portrait after editing with the wrinkle remover

How to Remove Wrinkles from Photos in No Time

Step 1. Open Your Picture in PhotoWorks

Download and install this photo editor with a wrinkle remover tool. Open the picture you want to beautify. Zoom in the problem area by clicking the Plus icon at the bottom.

Open your picture to start removing wrinkles
Start PhotoWorks to remove wrinkles from your photo

Step 2. Fix Larger Face Wrinkles

Switch to the Retouch tab and choose the Clone Stamp. This tool copies pixels from a donor area and pastes them over the wrinkles. Use the Clone Stamp to conceal prominent creases on the forehead.

Remove larger wrinkles with the Clone Stamp
Get rid of wrinkles with the Clone Stamp tool

Step 3. Erase Smaller Creases

Now pick the Healing Brush. Get rid of the remaining small imperfections like eye wrinkles with a few precise clicks. This tool is quite delicate, so the changes won’t affect other areas of your picture.

Get rid of smaller wrinkles at the eyes
Remove the rest of the wrinkles with the Healing Brush tool

Let's compare the improved picture to the original. Click the Before/After button to see how subtle yet effective the change is.

Wrinkle remover photo editor: result
View two pictures side-by-side to see the changes

Well, who knew that removing wrinkles from pictures could be so easy? And that’s not all PhotoWork is capable of. With its face editor, you can get rid of other blemishes, even out the model’s skin tone, add makeup to your photos, apply a little tan! Want to mask the red-eye effect or whiten teeth in photos? You can easily do that and much more in PhotoWorks.

Not a Windows or Mac user? Check out some more user-friendly picture editors. If you have a stable internet connection, try the online application. It recognizes the imperfections in a portrait and fixes them automatically. Like editing images with your smartphone? Remove wrinkles with the all-in-one AirBrush photo editor for iOS or the Pixl retouching app for Android.

More Than Just a Wrinkle Remover


Don’t toss your flawed pictures into the bin. Use this AI-powered photo editor to fix them: erase wrinkles, blemishes, get rid of oily shine and so on. Want to try PhotoWorks and its many beautifying features? Then download its free trial to turn your pictures into eye-candies!

PhotoWorks in the Media:


“I would say I have achieved about 70-80% of what I would do within Photoshop. However, Photoworks just turned a multi-hour edit into a handful of mouse clicks. That’s quite impressive.” ©

“What's surprising to me is that in a piece of software designed for people trying to take things a bit more seriously, it has a lot of advanced features, [...]” ©

“I was very impressed to find that PhotoWorks detected not only individual faces but also facial features like lips and eyes. I was able to add color to one subject’s lips without affecting anyone else in the image!” ©

“If there's any software that can rival PhotoWorks' precise auto-retouching capabilities, I'm unaware of it. Face-recognition technology is taken to the next level.” ©


Get silky skin with this wrinkle remover

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