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Photo & Post-Processing Tips

Are you keen on photography? Do you want your pictures to look like shots from magazine pages? Using efficient post-processing techniques you can bring out the character and emotions of the scene you witnessed, transforming a good image into a great one. In this section, you’ll find a wide range of post-processing tips, tutorials and articles for beginner and advanced photographers who are looking to edit their photos. Use these techniques to take your photo editing skills to the next level!

Edit RAW Images Without Photoshop

Processing RAW Images

Edit RAW images to achieve the highest photo quality possible

Red Eye Removal

How to Get Rid of Red Eye

Eliminate the red eyes effect on your photos with the convenient Red Eye Removal tool

How to Add the Film Grain Effect

Adding Grain to a Photo

Stylize your modern photos with a retro film grain effect for a warm realistic look

How to Crop Your Portrait Photo

Portrait Cropping Rules

Explore how to stress the human figure in your photos and convey the right emotions

Change Eye Color

How to Change Eye Color

Learn 4 different ways to change your eye color. Make your look magical!

Learn Photo Cropping Rules

Photo Cropping Techniques

Highlight the best parts of your photos & lead the viewer's eye with the Crop tool

How to Shoot at Night

Tips for Night Photography

Make shiny night photos using these professional photography tips

How to Choose an Angle to Take Photos

Best Angles to Take Pictures

Choose the best angles to take your pictures from unusual perspectives

How to Shoot Fire

How to Do Fire Photography

Learn how to shoot bonfires and candles in any conditions like a professional

How to Correct Image Distortion

Image Distortion Correction

Adjust perspective and distortion mistakes to restore the natural look of your photos

How to Convert RAW Images to JPEG

Converting RAW Images to JPEG

Learn how to turn your RAW photos into JPEG and retouch them on the go!

PhotoWorks as a PicMonkey alternative

PicMonkey Alternative

Looking for the best PicMonkey alternative? Get started with PhotoWorks!


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