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About us

PhotoWorks is developed by AMS Software. Founded in 2003 by a small team of enthusiasts, we’ve grown to become an international business with dozens of products and millions of customers worldwide. PhotoWorks is our latest development - in this product, we integrated our years of experience with cutting edge IT trends such as artificial intelligence and neural networks, aiming to build the perfect image editor for everyone.

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Our values

Just as our users, we’re passionate about all things photography. We strongly believe that photography software should help you make awesome pictures, grow your skills, and also leave you plenty of time for exploring the world with your camera. That’s why we built PhotoWorks - a photo editor that’s totally easy to use, even for those who are just taking their first steps in post-processing.

Cutting-edge technology
Easy for everyone

What we want most is to take the routine out of image editing and free up your time for more exciting things. This is why we started to harness the power of AI technology and integrate it into our software. At the same time, we realize that automatic image enhancement should not limit your creativity. In PhotoWorks, you’ll find every tool you could wish for to do some careful manual editing.

One more thing we value is beauty, and we want the things that surround us all to bring joy and good vibes. Same is true about the software. We invest a lot of effort into designing beautiful and truly convenient user interfaces as we want you to say "Wow" the moment you start using our products! We're really eager to hear your feedback and ideas on how to improve our software so it meets all your needs. If you want to share your thoughts with us, find our contact details here.

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