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Face Retouching Is Now a One-Click Thing

The bad news is that no one was born perfect. The good news is that we can be perfect, at least in our pictures. Whatever issues plague your pictures - from an uneven skin tone to a less-than-perfect teeth color - they can be remedied with PhotoWorks, an AI-powered face editor for Windows and Mac. Gone are the days when you had to toil for hours on your headshot to make it Instagram-worthy. Now you can have a perfect face in your picture in no time. Smooth the skin, erase any pesky blemishes or wrinkles, whiten the teeth, apply digital makeup, or even modify the face - all of these effects can be achieved with just a mouse click or a slider drag.

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Editing Faces 101: Your Route to a Perfect Pic

A Flawless Selfie Recipe

Unhappy with the way your skin looks in your pictures? PhotoWorks is here to help. This face editor for Mac and Windows comes with a set of tools aimed at erasing any blemishes that plague your picture. Use the Healing Brush to get rid of smaller pimples or freckles, and opt for the Clone Stamp if you want to cover a scar, a mole, or a face tattoo. Both of these tools are easy to master, so a perfect portrait is only a few clicks away!

Remove blemishes with a click

Let Your Smile Shine Bright

Self-conscious about your smile so you’d rather not show it in your pics? Let PhotoWorks handle that! Use this face photo editor to restore whiteness to your teeth. No manual selection needed - all you have to do is to choose the Whiten Teeth preset from PhotoWorks’ beautifying module Portrait Magic. Want your teeth to look even whiter? Then hit the Custom Settings, find the Teeth section, and drag the whiteness slider all the way to the right. Voila!

Whiten teeth in photos easily

When Red Is Not Your Color

We don't know why we sometimes end up with glowing red eyes in your photos. But we do know a way to get rid of this pesky red-eye effect. Use PhotoWorks! This face editing software comes with a nifty tool that erases any glow in your eyes and restores their natural color. And speaking of. Ever considered changing your eye color, at least in your pictures? It’s easy with PhotoWorks - only a few strokes of the Adjustment Brush tool, and here’s a new you!

Get rid of red-eye effect and change eye color

Bring Out Your Beauty with Makeup

Look dull and lifeless in your shot? Then bring some color to your face with PhotoWorks. Use this makeup photo editor to apply natural looking digital makeup to your pictures. Put on some dramatic eyeshadows, dewy lipstick, or elegant blusher to turn a bleak portrait into a beauty shot. Just a few clicks and brush strokes and - boom! - you have yourself a glamorous portrait.

Apply digital makeup

Restore the Natural Look of Your Face

Oftentimes our facial features get cruelly warped by bad lighting, odd angles, and other circumstances you cannot control. But fear not, PhotoWorks has a top-notch tool to cure it. Meet the Face Sculpt, a feature that allows you to slightly tweak your or your model’s facial features. Change the shape and the size of the nose, eyes, mouth, and chin, slim the face by just dragging a slider.

Tweak the facial features with a few slider drags

Make Your Skin Perfect

There are many reasons that wrinkles might manifest themselves in your pictures - age, diet, sleepless nights, you name it. But there is one great solution - PhotoWorks. Use this wrinkle remover to de-age your shots. So say goodbye to worry lines on your forehead or crow feet around your eyes - get rid of them with an automatic preset from the Portrait Magic module or erase them manually with easy-to-use retouch tools.

Erase pesky wrinkles

How to Edit Face In a Few Easy Steps


1. Download a free trial of PhotoWorks. Open your image.
2. Pick a suitable preset from the Portrait Magic module.
3. Erase remaining blemishes with smart retouch tools.
4. Edit facial features with Face Sculpt.

Done with Editing Faces? See What Else PhotoWorks is Capable Of

As impressive as it may be, retouching faces is not the only feature that PhotoWorks offers. This smart photo editor possesses powerful tools that can take your portrait to a whole new level. And you don’t need any photo editing expertise for that!

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Use PhotoWorks to adjust the color balance, or lighten a picture. Erase any odd objects in the background, or blur the backdrop to shift the focus to the model. Want something more drastic? Then add a new background to a photo with no effort at all. If that’s not enough, transform your pictures with 150+ filters. It’s so easy to turn a lackluster portrait into a masterpiece with PhotoWorks.

About the program

  • Version: 17.0
  • File size: 22 Mb
  • Multi-language interface
  • Price: from $19.25 Order

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7; macOS (v12 and later)
  • CPU: 1 GHz or faster (Intel, AMD, Apple Silicon)
  • RAM: min. 256 MB
  • Hard drive space: 500 MB or more

It’s easy to look your best in pictures!

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