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How to Unblur Photos: Newbie-Friendly Guide

In modern photography blur can be a stylish artistic effect but more often than not the lack of sharpness in a picture is caused by an operator error or subject movement that couldn’t be controlled. While it's better to properly focus your camera before taking a shot, this isn't always possible due to changing photo conditions. If you’ve ended up with smudged pictures, it doesn’t mean you should throw them away or pay a professional to work magic on them - you can do everything yourself!

So, how to unblur an image and make it clear again? Luckily, you won’t need any expensive equipment or advanced skills if there’s PhotoWorks by your side. This image editing software can take care of your blurry shots and restore their quality in a few clicks. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s get things under way and get this program a chance to increase the sharpness of your photos.

Unblur a picture and see the result

Unblurring photos: Before-After

Step 1. Pick the Sharpen Tool in PhotoWorks

Run the automatic photo editor on your computer and add your photo there. While on the Enhancement tab, click Sharpness on the sidebar to open a new menu.

Pick the Sharpen tool in PhotoWorks

Find the Sharpen tool in the program

Step 2. Set the Preview Box on the Subject

Before applying the Sharpen tool to your photo, set the preview box on some particular area to better see all the changes. Click the icon on the right and place the targeting square over a blurry spot.

Position the preview box on a blurry photo

Use the Preview mode to zoom in a particular area of your photo

Step 3. Drag the Slider to Unblur Photos

Now, move the Amount slider to the right to increase the photo sharpness. You’ll instantly see an improvement but don’t drag it too far to the right to avoid digital noise.

Unblur your photo

Unblur pics with one slider movement

Step 4. Adjust Additional Sharpness Settings

The Radius setting manages the width of the sharpening effect. Choosing the right radius is critical to good unblurring. By adjusting the Threshold slider, you’re determining how different two pixels need to be to apply sharpening. In practical terms, your Threshold adjustments should range from 3 to 10.

Adjust sharpness settings for a better result

Adjust the Radius and Threshold settings for a better result

Step 5. Save Your Unblurred Photo

After you’ve sharpened your photo, click the Before/After button to compare the initial image and the resulting one. If you’re satisfied, save your unblurry picture as JPEG, PNG or TIFF.

Save or print your unblurred photo

Save your deblurred picture

Now that you know how to unblur a picture on Mac and Windows, are you ready to make your images crisp and clear? Then download PhotoWorks for free to get started.

For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
For macOS 12 and higher

Now cull your haziest pictures and process them in this smart photo editor to finally make out the lost detail.

Another great feature of PhotoWorks is that it can apply certain effects and adjustments not to the whole picture but only to some of its parts. For example, you can sharpen blurry images but leave their edges or background blurry for a more stylish look. Want to do pro-level editing and apply other changes without Photoshop? Check out more great options of this powerful image editor!

Turn Color Photos to Black & White

Want to give your latest photos a retro look? The easiest way to achieve this old-fashioned effect is to make pictures black and white. The program will offer you plenty of instant filters that can desaturate your image in a single click. If you want to have more control over the effect you apply, adjust manual settings to gradually relieve your photo of bright hues and tinges.

Make your pictures black & white

Magically Change Background in Any Photo

Sometimes a busy background ruins the mood of your photo or simply spoils it with unwanted elements. PhotoWorks is here to replace it with a more appropriate image. Send your photo-self to a tropical beach or to a calm garden with no problems at all. The tool is highly efficient, that's why you can even use PhotoWorks as face swap software and replace not only the background, but faces on your pictures.

Change background in a photo

Improve the Overall Color Balance

If you couldn’t adjust camera settings at the shooting location and got unnatural or dull hues, you can still color correct pictures in post-production. The software is capable of auto color enhancement - just one click and your picture will be bright and vivid again! An array of other built-in tools will help you control the overall contrast, accentuate one particular color and even apply tone mapping.

Adjust the color balance

PhotoWorks is not only a program for unblurring pictures on Windows and Mac, but an all-in-one solution for all kinds of ruined shots. You can restore its quality in a flash, brighten a dark picture, remove unwanted elements and retouch a portrait like a real pro. If you have a bunch of old photos, you can bring them back to life pretty easily too - make old pictures look new in a few steps. Get started with this image editor today and give a polished look to all pictures in your collection!

More Ways to Unblur an Image

Surely, PhotoWorks isn’t the only tool for image unblurring. Let’s have a brief look at other ways you can make your fuzzy images clearer. For starters, here’s a free solution for you - GIMP. This is an open-source picture editor that is almost as powerful as Photoshop. But while it’s free, the process of image dehazing in GIMP might require some effort. If you seek a free and easy way to unblur photos, then go with Lunapic, a free web-based editor. The process is exceptionally simple - just upload your photo to the service, then drag a slider and you’ll be set.

Deblur your image online

Make your picture clear with an online service

If you want to deblur your images on the go, then opt to using convenient mobile apps - there are tons to choose from and none of them require any special skills to operate. But if you want to go the most challenging route, you can always try to unblur your pics with Photoshop. It’s a bit more tedious, but the result is worth it.

So you see - there is no longer any need to squint at your images now that you know how to unblur photos. Take this knowledge and use it to make all your fuzzy images as crisp as a winter morning.

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