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How to Blur a Picture or a Part of It?

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3 Easy Ways to Blur an Image

Need to highlight the main object on your image and hide boring surroundings? Or you just took an awesome photo but it looks a little too sharp? Adding a photo blur is the easiest and obvious solution in both of these cases.

Working with this effect is tricky, though. No one wants to end up with a complete mess or achieve no result after laying over a few blurs. And you need a reliable photo editor app for PC to get a perfect balance between the blur and sharpness. Not sure which one? PhotoWorks will definitely be a great choice.

In comparison with one-trick online editors or complicated desktop software, this one is pretty easy and really powerful, so even newbies will be able to get on with it and bring all their creative ideas to life. So, are you ready to become a master of the hazy effect? Then just continue reading and discover how to blur photos in 3 different ways.

Way 1. How to Make a Picture Blurred

Although people consider blurry photos to be a no-no, sometimes applying the effect to the whole image is necessary. The original photo may be a bit sharp, so the slight blur will fix it. The stronger effect will help you make a soft background full of dreamy silhouettes. Such images are suitable for adding text advertisements or quotations.

It does not matter whether you need light or strong image blurring, PhotoWorks will let you put the effect over the whole image with just a move of a slider. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Start PhotoWorks

Start with running the image editor and opening your photo.

Open your photo

You can import a photo with a button click or drop it from the folder

Step 2. Open the Enhancement tab

Go to Enhancement and switch to the Sharpness section.

Open the Enhancement tab

You will find the necessary settings under the Sharpness section

Step 3. Use the Slider to Make a Picture Blurry

Use the Amount slider to adjust the Blur strength. It depends on what kind of effect you want to achieve. Want to add a feeling of mystery to your photos? Try setting the blurrer somewhere between 30 and 70 points.

Add the blur

We are moving the Amount slider to add some blur

Use the Opacity slider to get the softness similar to the Orton photography technique. It mixes the sharp original and the blurred copy together creating a dreamy effect suitable for romantic or fantasy themed shots.

Way 2. How to Blur Out Part of a Picture

Puzzled about how to blur a part of a picture only? For example, blur the hair of your model to give the shot some action or dim the distant mountains to make the landscape look even more calm? This task sounds tricky since you must soften the chosen things only without damaging the main objects.

While using other blur makers, you are probably doomed to work with various, not-very-convenient selections and spend half an hour drawing out every pixel. It’s not tricky at all if you’re using PhotoWorks. Just run the software and use the steps below to blur certain parts of an image in no time:

Step 1. Start PhotoWorks

Open the software and import the photo you want to edit.

Open PhotoWorks

We're adding the photo that needs some correction

Step 2. Choose Adjustment Brush

Go to the Retouch tab and pick Adjustment Brush. Select the brush size, then switch to the Sharpness tab.

Choose Adjustment Brush

We will use Adjustment Brush to blur only a part of our image

Step 3. Paint Over to Add the Blur Effect

Now paint over the area you want to blur. Use the Amount slider to blur this part of an image and control the effect strength.

Paint over the area

To apply the blur, you will need to paint over the area

Step 4. Apply the Changes

When you’ve finished working with this tool, click Apply. Now just hit Save in the top right corner to keep your work!

Save your work

In the end, save your work to keep the edited image

Use Feather in the Basic tab to control the brush edge. Apply soft strokes to large objects like people, and switch to the hard brush while painting over small or complicated objects like faces details.

Way 3: How to Blur Photo Background

The photo seems to be perfect but something is still missing? Want to give it a twist? Then tell a story by focusing on the main object and getting rid of other things. The plot can be different and depends on the blur type you’re using. In other words, try applying the blur to the surroundings.

Simple blur will help you create a slight line between the model and the surroundings. Radial blur is often used for portrait photos. It shifts the focus from the sides to the main character, dimming everything around it. Horizontal blur with a focal point near the image edge will add motion and make your shot more dynamic.

Radial Filter in PhotoWorks allows you to blur the background of your image without any complicated selections or tricky brush adjustments. Just a few tweaks - and it’s hazy perfect!

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Open Your Photo

Launch PhotoWorks and drop in your pic.

Add your image

First, we'll import the image we need to blur

Step 2. Select Radial Filter

Switch to the Retouch tab and choose Radial Filter.

Choose Radial Filter

Radial Filter is a great tool for blurring the background

Step 3. Use the Filter to Add Blur to Photo

First, left-click the area and drag the mouse to make a round selection. Now, since you want to fuzz out the background only, switch Processing to Outside.

Make a selection

Radial Filter is also a great tool for making a spotlight effect

Use the Amount slider in the Sharpness tab to add some blur. If the effect is too strong, fade opacity to a necessary level. Now click Apply to keep the changes!

Use the slider to add the blur

By blurring the background, you will focus on the image center

You can create a blurry frame using the Radial filter. All you need to do is adjust the selection size and the effect strength. This trick works amazing on shots with large objects.

And that’s it! Now you know how to apply image blur in different ways. Create soft hazy pictures bubbling with bokeh, make your models pop out or add a few misty touches here and there - just pick a way that suits your current editing task. And PhotoWorks will help you achieve it!


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