How to Remove a Person From a Photo?

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How to remove people from photos without Photoshop

Are you familiar with the case when a stranger runs through your photo? Someone just walks into the scene as you click your camera shutter - it’s a common problem in the crowded tourist areas. Since you are looking for a solution, you don’t think your shots are completely spoiled. And right you are! With a powerful photo editor, you will remove tourists and other unwanted visitors from your images in a flawless way. Take a deep breath - by the powerful editor, we don't mean Photoshop. Eager to find out how to do it without using complicated software? Keep on reading and you’ll discover how to remove people from photographs with PhotoWorks.

Method 1: Crop a Photo to Get Rid of Strangers

If unwanted people have dropped in close to the photo edges or one of its corners, just cut them out by cropping the image. You can get a nice bonus - the cropping tool will help you improve the global composition of the picture.

Get rid of strangers before cropping
Get rid of strangers after cropping

Now, let’s see how to crop someone out of a picture with PhotoWorks step-by-step:

Step 1. Start PhotoWorks

Run the program and load your photograph for removing people. Choose the most convenient way: click the Open Photo button or drag and drop the image file from your Windows pictures folder.

Crop photo to get rid of unwanted people

To begin with, start PhotoWorks and add the photo to improve

Step 2. Use the Crop Tool to Get Rid of Unwanted People

Move to the Tools tab and select the Crop tool. You will find a choice of cropping grids. Want to center the main person? Pick the Rule of Thirds type. Need to leave some space on one side yet attract the viewers’ eyes to the main object? The Golden ratio grid will suit you. Adjust the chosen grid overlay: set its aspect ratio and the rotation angle. To crop a stranger out, resize the grid by moving control handles. Using this option, you can take someone out of a photo as well as improve its overall composition.

Crop out strangers from photo

Pick the Crop tool to cut unwanted people out of your pic

Step 3. Save the Image

After cutting all the unwanted people out, you can compare the edited photo with the original. Save the adjustments by clicking the Apply button. Next, hit Save to save the image to your computer or alternatively, print it right away.

Cut out someone with Crop tool

Like the result? Save the edited image

However, cropping someone out of your picture is not a very flexible way. For instance, if a stranger is standing right behind your back, you will need a more powerful eraser. The Healing Brush will help you sort out this issue. Note that it’s a perfect tool to delete objects from simple backgrounds.

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Method 2: Use Healing Brush to Remove a Person from a Photo

See the difference
See the difference

Let’s learn how to edit someone out of a photo using the Healing Brush. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Launch PhotoWorks

Start the program and add the photo with unwanted people to work on.

Use Healing Brush to erase people from photo

To try another method of deleting people, add your photo again

Step 2. Use Healing Brush to Remove People from Photos

Open the Retouch tab and pick the Healing Brush option on the right-hand panel. To remove the objects from your photo, you’ll need to carefully paint them over altogether with their shadows and reflections. Before you start, adjust the size of your brush, its feather and opacity by moving the same-name sliders. To make the brush bigger and more transparent with softer borders, drag the sliders to the right.

Get rid of people in photos with Healing Brush

Erase unwanted people from your photo with the Healing Brush

Step 3. Save the Picture to Your PC

When you’re done with editing, view the result by comparing 2 photos - the source and the edited one. To do that, click Show original at the bottom of the program. Now, you can save the retouched image to your computer.

Delete strangers from photographs

Compare the result with the original - the person has vanished!

Although the Healing Brush lets you get a decent result, it’s not a one-size-fits-all instrument. If the background of your image with strangers is complicated, you might need a professional-level editing tool. We suggest that you try the Clone Stamp. With it, you can erase someone from a photo without photoshopping.

Method 3: Use the Clone Stamp for Removing People

To learn how to master the Clone Stamp in PhotoWorks, follow the 3 steps listed below:

Step 1. Run PhotoWorks

Launch the program and import the picture you want to edit.

Select a hue for your hair

Let's try one more method of deleting people

Step 2. Edit People Out of the Image With Clone Stamp

In the Retouch tab, click the Clone Stamp button. With this feature, you can easily make people disappear from your photos. Adjust the settings of the stamp - set how big, soft and transparent it will be. Then mark the spot you want to erase, clone the such-like area and replace the selection with it.

Remove strangers from images

Removing unwanted people from pictures with the Clone Stamp is easy

Step 3. Save the Result

Compare the original and the edited images. As you see, there is a major difference between them now - 2 guys have gone as if they’ve never been on the photograph. Now, apply the changes and save the picture to your PC.

Erase someone from picture

All the unwanted people have gone, you can save your improved photo

Prefer visual guides over texts? Then watch this video showing a quick way of removing people from images in PhotoWorks:


As you see, it takes just a minute or less to edit someone out of a picture with PhotoWorks. Want to see how it copes with your pictures? Download the free trial version below:

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Now, you have learnt how to get rid of undesired people with PhotoWorks and save your best shots. Want to improve them further? For example, fix the exposure issues, remove watermarks from pictures, adjust the color and white balance within the scene, remove sun glare from photo or give a glamorous look to your portrait? For topnotch pictures, check out these pro-level tips:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to remove a stranger from your photograph?

  2. There are several ways to do that, depending on your skill. The best way is to use the Healing Brush.

    Discover a step-by-step guide

  3. Сan you remove tourists from travel photos?

  4. Sure, however, that's not easy. Travel photos have lots of little details, so you need a precise tool with a manual control in order to carefully remove a person.

    Conceal an unwanted object in a few clicks

  5. How do you remove a background person in a photo?

  6. Sometimes, when the person ruined your photo composition completely, the best decision is to simply add the new photo background.

    Read a quick guide on how to add a background

  7. Can you remove a person from a photo without Photoshop?

  8. Yes, you can. There are lots of easy-to-use image editors that allow you to remove unwanted objects from your photos. Use the link below to get one right now:

    Download user-friendly photo editor

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