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How to Sharpen a Blurry Photo?

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The aim of every photographer is making a high quality shot. What if something goes wrong and your most eye-catching photos come out to be hazy? How can you fix a blurry photo? Download photo editing software and keep reading to learn how to make your images clear with PhotoWorks!

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5 Tricks to Fix Blurry Photos

There are plenty of options to edit blurry pictures in PhotoWorks software. Choose the tool depending on what you need to correct and what result you expect to get – sharpen the whole image or its specific areas. Let’s see what tools you can use to sharpen pictures and how they work:

  • use the Sharpness tool to sharpen out of focus photos;
  • use the Clarity tool to make the entire image clearer;
  • use the Adjustment Brush to accentuate a certain object in a photo;
  • use the Radial Filter to accentuate a specific area in a photo;
  • use the Graduated Filter to sharpen hazy areas in landscapes or urban photos.

1. Sharpness

To focus a blurry photo, open the Sharpness tab and set the effect amount. Increase the Radius to make the objects’ edges crisp and well visible. The optimal degree of Threshold varies from 3 to 10. If you set it at 0, every single pixel will be affected by sharpening and as a result your photo will look harsh and unpleasant for the eyes. To prevent taking out small defects of the photo, we’ve increased the Threshold degree to 10.

Sharpen the whole image

2. Clarity

Whereas the Sharpness tool accentuates the borders between the areas next to each other, Clarity is used to increase the midtone contrast of the entire photo. This way you’ll make it sharper and more detailed without adding actual sharpness. In the Enhancement tab, drag the Clarity slider out. The Clarity option helps you repair a blurry photo and counter undesired flatness by bringing out its texture like in our example below. Avoid increasing Clarity in portraits, though, unless you intend to emphasize spots, wrinkles and other skin flaws.

Adjust the Clarity of the whole image

3. The Adjustment Brush

For local sharpening, consider using the Adjustment Brush. With it you can draw attention to a certain object in your photograph. It’s a perfect tool to make the subject’s eyes sparkling and bright. Adjust the size of the brush, its opacity to set how strong it will be, and feather to determine the smoothness of its edges. In the Sharpness tab, change the Amount, Radius and Threshold to sharpen the selected object. Now, just "paint" the adjustment on where you like.

Sharpen small objects with the Adjustment brush

4. The Radial Filter

While the Adjustment Brush is suitable to work on small details, the Radial Filter helps sharpen a larger area. Look at the photo below: we’ve made the rings sharper and more saturated and the flowers – blurry and a little faded. With the Radial Filter, you can create an elliptical selection for editing. Increase the sharpness inside the mask to direct the viewer’s eyes to the object.

Sharpen the key subject with the Radial Filter

5. The Graduated Filter

Use the Graduated Filter to make particular regions in your photo more detailed by sharpening them. Select the area you want to improve and adjust the Amount, Radius and Threshold degree just the same way as you did while sharpening the whole image. In our photo we made the sky and the buildings crisper by increasing the sharpness effect in the same-name tab.

Sharpen landscapes with the Graduated Filter

Other Useful Tools of PhotoWorks

With PhotoWorks, you can not only fix out of focus photos. This easy image editor allows you to make other local and global enhancements to improve your spoiled shots. Here’s what you can do with the help of PhotoWorks tools:

  • change the colors of a particular object;
  • hide the skin imperfections;
  • remove undesired objects;
  • improve the photo composition;
  • correct lens distortions;
  • add artistic effects;
  • sign your photos.
How to change the color of an object

Feel interested? Then launch the software and start editing your pictures right now: restore blurry photos, adjust color balance, apply special effects and make your average images stunning!


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