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How to remove glare from photos?

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How to Get Rid of Glare in Photos

In photography, glare is a common issue. Sometimes shiny highlights look like an artistic effect and make your images, especially portraits pop. But in the majority of cases glare is a defect and the subjects seem to be greasy. How to remove glare from pictures like that? It is possible to save your spoiled photos with the help of PhotoWorks - a powerful yet easy to use photo editor. So, don’t run to get rid of ruined shots and keep reading - from the guide below, you’ll explore how to fix your photos with sun glare, shiny skin and glare from glasses at little effort.

Method 1. Remove Sun Glare from Photo in a Flash

The sunlight glare in photos often looks unnatural and sometimes even nasty. Let’s learn how to remove sun glare from photos in PhotoWorks. The easiest way possible to correct the reflection in the picture below is to change the overall tone of it.

Remove sun glare from your photos

To remove glare from a photo, follow these steps:

Step 1. Run PhotoWorks to Get Glare Out of the Picture

Start the program and import the photo you want to edit. You can drag and drop a file from your Windows explorer or add an image using the Open Photo button.

Step 2. Adjust the Tone of the Photo

In the Enhancement tab, adjust the highlights level. To do that, keep dragging the highlights slider in till you fix the defect. In our example, the perfect highlights degree is -100.

Adjust the tone of your photo to remove glare from it

Step 3. Save the Changes

To apply the changes, save the edited image.

This method is perfectly suitable to get rid of glare in photos with just a couple of highlighted regions.Take a look at the result - removing the glare has made the picture more dimensional and deeper in color.

Method 2. Use Face Editor to Remove Glare from Portrait

Is it possible to eliminate glare from the face with a few mouse clicks and not spend hours on retouching? With PhotoWorks, it is. Just try Portrait Magic - a smart built-in face photo editor that allows you to get perfect portraits in no time. Let’s enhance this portrait and see the innovative feature in action:

See the difference
See the difference

Step 1. Start PhotoWorks

Launch the software and drop in your portrait to enhance.

Step 2. Use the Portrait Magic Tool to Take Glare Off the Picture

Open the Retouch tab and choose the Portrait Magic option. Then, pick Remove face shine from the collection of ready-made presets.

Edit facial glare out of your portraits

Step 3. Minimize the Glare Level

Switch to the Custom Settings tab and in the Skin section, set the Glare level at 100. Increase smoothing a little, 70 will be enough.

Adjust the glare level to eliminate it

Step 4. Save the Edited Photo

Click the blue Apply button and save the edited portrait to your computer.

Think some editing is still required for the photo? Then you are one of those perfectionists who like to retouch photos manually till they look magazine-like. In this case, you’ll need a combination of 2 tools - Adjustment Brush and Clone Stamp.

Method 3. Use Adjustment Brush & Clone Stamp to Edit Glare Out

Let’s edit the same portrait and see how these glare removers work.

Move to the Retouch tab and select the Adjustment Brush option. In the Basic settings tab, set the brush size at 24. Paint over the flash glare with your Adjustment Brush. Change the selected region settings: move the highlights slider to -3, choose 100 for shadows and blacks, and -67 for whites. Eliminate the glares on the girl’s nose, her cheeks, chin and the areas under her eyes in the same way.

Get rid of glare in your pictures with Adjustment Brush

To completely take the glare out of the picture, switch back to the Retouch tab and choose Clone Stamp. Set the tool size at 12 and its opacity at 70. Paint over the nose glare and select the clone source. Choose a similarly graded area so that the face looks natural after editing.

Remove glare from your portraits with Clone Stamp

Use the same tool settings for the girl’s nose bridge and clone a such-like region of her forehead.

Remove glare from nose

To get rid of the cheeks glare, replace them by suitable areas from her cheeks and forehead.

Remove glare from cheeks

Reduce glare on her chin, philtrum columns and under her eyes in the same way.

Remove glare from chin

To remove the largest glare from the subject’s forehead, set the stamp size at 30. Correct this defect bit-by-bit; if the ‘patch’ borders get visible, use the same tool to cover them up.

Remove glare from forehead

Once again, let’s use the Adjustment Brush to get rid of glare in the photo. Move the size slider to 40, feather and opacity should be 100. With the brush, paint over the forehead area where the glare has been removed. Adjust the tone of the selection: set the exposure level at 2, shadows at 40, whites at -40, and blacks at 100.

Enhance the portrait

Take a look at the portrait - the result is impressive! To make sure, compare the edited photo with the sourse. Click Save to keep the picture.

Save the edited portrait

You have learnt how to remove glare from photo in PhotoWorks - a versatile photo glare removal app with an extensive toolkit for proper image editing. Have other defects in your photos? Need to make them sharper, delete unwanted objects or just apply special effects? Then check out this guide:


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