How to Add Stickers to Photos with no Hassle

Use PhotoWorks to liven up your pictures with talkative stickers!


For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7


For macOS 12 and higher

How to Add Stickers to Photos - a Simple Guide

Sometimes even a perfect picture lacks something - you just know it. If you are looking for a way to polish your photo, look no further than PhotoWorks. Add stickers - funny, lovely, cute - to your photos using the software’s lively feature. Spice up your pictures with captions written on banners, plaques, or clouds. Learn how to put stickers on pictures in just four simple steps in PhotoWorks. But in case you want to venture even further, we'll tell you how to decorate your images with stickers using other softwares and applications. Let's dive in!

Add Sticker Cover

Look how lively can a picture become once you add a sticker

Step 1. Download and Run PhotoWorks

Download PhotoWorks - an efficient photo editor with stickers - from our website. Follow the installation instructions. Launch the software and open the picture that calls for some improvement.

For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
For macOS 12 and higher

Step 2. Put a Sticker on Your Photo

Move to the Captions tab, then switch to Stickers. Browse through the styles to find the sticker that will go with your picture - a dialogue cloud, a heart, or an arrow. Apply it with a single mouse click.

Put sticker on photo

Choose a sticker from the library and apply it

Step 3. Make the Sticker Talk

Move the sticker around the picture to find a perfect spot, resize, and rotate it if you like. Then add and edit a caption to make it alive. Let your picture say what’s on its mind!

Add a caption

Adjust the sticker and add a caption

If you already have a design in mind and even on your hard drive, PhotoWorks will help you, too. Just use the Image Overlay feature to slap on whatever picture you want atop your original image.

Overlay images to create lovely photo montage

Add even more personality to your pic with a DIY sticker

Want to make the picture even funnier? Make a cool-looking face swap!

Step 4. Save Your Cool Creation

Save your picture in a number of formats, be it for a social media post, printing, etc. Pick the size and the resolution of your pic, or add some sharpness to it.

Save your picture

Save your picture in a suitable format

Well, who knew that the result of adding stickers to photos on Mac and Windows could be so funny? But this feature is just the tip of an impressively effective photo editing iceberg. PhotoWorks is equipped with a variety of easy and powerful tools that will take your pictures to a new artistic level. Curious? Let’s have a look at some of them.

Cut and Sew Together

Ever wondered how to make a photo montage? Want to create a single stunning picture from an array of mediocre ones? Then become a visual tailor with PhotoWorks. Cut, overlay, rearrange, and stitch pictures together to create an extraordinary image. Here is a picture of you hanging from a cliff! And here is a shot of you shaking hands with Elvis! Try your hand at photo montage to express your visionary style and cause some artistic mischief.

Try photomontage

Deflaw Your Pictures

Forgot to deactivate the date stamp option on your camera and ended up with irritating figures in some of your best shots? It’s happened to all of us at some point. No need to crop your pictures or strain your eyes trying to paint the figures over. PhotoWorks has a simple solution. Just remember those four words - Healing Brush and Clone Stamp. Remove date stamps from a photo with these easy-to-use-tools.

Remove date stamp

Defy Limits of Perception

Want to know how photo artists achieve a dreamlike effect in their pictures? It’s not that difficult. Blurring - a regretfully underrated feature - is the key. Use it to add depth to your pictures or achieve a surreal effect. With PhotoWorks you can blur a picture to hide unwanted elements or highlight the subject of the shot. Try creating art out of ordinary! Need to achieve a completely different effect and get rid of the extra blur? Discover how to unblur a picture with ease.

Blur your picture

How to Put Stickers on Pictures: Other Cool Ways

If you can’t - or won’t - download any new softwares to your PC or Mac, then consider adding stickers to photos online. The popular web application Canva is more than up to the task. This service offers a myriad sticker options that can grace your images in a snap. The sad thing, however, is that the more eye-catching stickers are only available in the paid version.

Use alternative methods to add stickers to your images

Canva lets you create greeting cards, posters, and invitations using stickers

In case you are constantly glued to your phone - no shame in that - then you are in luck. There are tons of mobile applications that allow you to add stickers to photos.

For starters, iPhone users can employ Picsart Photo & Video Editor. This intuitive application comes equipped with dozens of various stickers and even allows you to create your own designs. If you prefer Android-based phones, then consider going with Add Emoji Stickers - Pics Editor & Photo Maker. The functionality of this application is fully in its name. With it, you can decorate your images with popular emojis - purely for the laughs.

Wish to add a funny, cute, or talkative sticker to the picture you plan to share on Instagram? Do it using the social media’s own stickers feature. Just a few taps or clicks - and your images will gain personality.

And that’s it. Now you know how to put stickers on photos in a handful of easy ways. Some only require your phone, others need easy photo editors. But one thing these ways have in common is that they all require a pinch of inspiration, a teaspoon of good humor, and just a few moments of your time to make your images bright and memorable.

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