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How to Remove Blemishes from Photos in a Flash

Unlike polished and glamorous photos of Hollywood stars, pictures of ordinary people often suffer from face shine, scars, freckles, wrinkles, zits, dark circles and other unflattering blemishes. Of course, you can try to remove pimples and improve your portraits in Photoshop, but this program is hard to grasp and can be a little bit confusing for newbies. A nice alternative is PhotoWorks - a powerful portrait editor that takes you mere minutes to master and edit out any undesired details.

Remove blemishes from photo and see the result

Remove skin blemishes from photo: Before-After

Here, PhotoWorks has successfully got rid of spots on the woman’s forehead and reduced bags under her eyes. The resulting image looks fresh and clean as if it wasn't edited at all. Want to turn your skin perfect on photos yourself? In this tutorial, we’ll show a few simple yet professional techniques to get you nailing portrait retouching with fantastic results. Although we’ll edit headshots, you can use the same tools and methods to conceal cellulite or lumps on your full-body photos. Now, let’s see how to remove blemishes in photos step by step.

Step 1. Get Started with PhotoWorks

Download the setup file and install the photo retouching software to your computer.

For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
For macOS 12 and higher

Step 2. Find the Healing Brush

Launch the program and move to the Retouch tab. Jump to the Healing Brush tool to remove dark circles from photos and conceal undesired moles.

The Healing Brush in PhotoWorks

The Healing Brush is the best tool to remove acne from photos

Step 3. Adjust the Brush Settings

Set the size of the Healing Brush a little larger than the spot you’re going to retouch. Adjust the feather and opacity options to soften the transition between the retouched area and the original image.

Adjust the Healing Brush settings for your photo

Adjust the brush settings for better results

Noticed that your smile isn't as shiny as you want and spoils the picture? Use a smart teeth whitener to bring the pearly smile back!

Step 4. Get Rid of Blemishes

Zoom in your picture to pinpoint tough-to-find blemishes and marks. The Healing Brush will automatically sample an area of the image it thinks is similar and replace the damaged zone.

Apply the Healing Brush to your shot

Remove blemishes from photos in a few clicks

Step 5. BONUS: Apply Instant Effects

When your portrait photo is cleared of all imperfections, you’re welcome to give it a finishing touch. Switch to the Effects tab and pick an instant filter that suits the mood of your picture. There’re Popular, Vintage, Toning, Lighting, Movie effects, Quick enhancements and Photographic films.

Funk up your retouched shot with stylish effects

Apply some artistic filter effects to your edited photo

PhotoWorks is More Than a Blemish Remover

Besides erasing blemishes, PhotoWorks is here to enhance your headshots in other ways: add a slight tan to your skin, make eyes more clear, brighten lips, remove redness from your face, and much more. All these adjustments are possible thanks to Portrait Magic, a unique tool for smart portrait photo editing. It does real magic to your ruined shots and reduces an hour’s work to a couple of clicks. If you want to try a new nose or a different mouth shape, the photo editor also has a face sculpting feature. With this powerful tool in hand, you’ll be able to completely transform your digital self or slightly enhance your best features.

Flawless Skin
Clear Eyes
Juicy Lips
Cute Nose
View original
Portrait before editing

Want to see how you will look with a different eye color? Try our eye color changer and have fun experimenting!

Now you know how easy it is to remove blemishes from photos in PhotoWorks. But in case you prefer to edit your pictures on your smartphone, check out a cool editor for iOS. Not an Apple device user? Then, perfect your portraits with a smart Android photo app instead. This way, you can turn your images flawless no matter where you are and share them with friends right on the go.

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