How to add a white background to a photo?

Make any photo background white in a flash with PhotoWorks

Full support for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

How to Add a White Background to a Photo Without Photoshop

Typically, you need white background for product photos on your online web store and your CV or LinkedIn profile. There are two ways how to get it: either creating perfect photo-shooting light conditions or just using post-editing. And it's pretty easier to make the background white in photos with post-editing rather than struggling to shoot a photo in the proper light conditions, isn't it?

So how to make the background of a picture white right on your PC? Try PhotoWorks - an intelligent photo editing software. Unlike the well-known Photoshop, which is pretty complicated for an absolute beginner, PhotoWorks makes the photo editing process comfortable and quick.

Before changing the background After changing the background into white

We added a white background with PhotoWorks

Let’s see how easy it is to change photo background to white with PhotoWorks. Are you ready to get started? Just follow these 5 easy steps below:

Step 1. Download and install the program

Download PhotoWorks for PC and start the installation process. Follow a few simple steps to complete the installation.

Download File size: 192 Mb
Full support for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP

Once you finish the installation, you are ready to start editing your photos effortlessly. Enjoy your free trial!

Step 2. Opt for the Change Background tool

Let's get closer to how to add a white background to a photo. Start PhotoWorks and add a photo, then open the Tools tab and pick Change Background.

Select the background replacement tool

Pick the 'Change Background' tool from the software toolkit

Step 3. Set the background aside

Select the Object brush - the green one - then adjust its size and paint over the object on the foreground to separate it from the background. You can do it roughly, letting the software determine the object edges automatically. Once it's done, point out the background with the other brush - the red one - and let the program do the rest again. Click Next to proceed to further editing.

Paint over the object using special brushes

You can paint over your photo roughly; the program determines the edges automatically

Step 4. Sharpen up the object edges

Your picture still isn’t smooth enough? Zoom in the image and restore some details deleted by mistake or erase the remaining area of the background. Adjust the brush size and softness for the edges to look smoother. Now, decrease the background opacity to make it completely transparent and preview the result. Click Next once you are ready.

Refine the object edges

Make final improvements to make the object look smoother

Step 5. Add white background to your image

Done! Now, your picture has a pure white background. You just have to save it to your computer or print it. And if you want more, choose any other color or upload your own image and set it as a background. There is also an option to save your image with a transparent background.

Add a white background automatically

Your picture gets white background by default

Simple as that! Unlike Photoshop, that’s really challenging to use for most people, PhotoWorks offers these five easy steps to follow to get everything done. Can't wait to start? Use the link below to download:

Download File size: 192 Mb
Full support for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP

With PhotoWorks, you will not be limited to only adding a white background to a photo. You can also use the program as an image enhancer to retouch any fragments of your images, improve photo quality, fix perspective and lens distortions, and apply lots of one-click effects like Retro or Vignette. Explore some of the coolest PhotoWorks features below:

Apply Any Type of Logo to Your Photos

Want to prevent your unique photos from being stolen by anyone on the web? Add a logo to a photo to make it more recognizable and use it as a part of your brand. PhotoWorks offers a wide range of functionality - from adding a text or picture logo to changing its opacity to use as a watermark.

Add your logo or a watermark

Clean Up Your Fuzzy Pictures

Noise ruins the photos taken in low light situations. It looks like tiny colored pixels or specks and resembles the grain that you can sometimes see in film photography. Remove the noise seamlessly using PhotoWorks. Discover how to make a picture less grainy in just a couple of minutes!

Get rid of grain and digital noise

Improve the Color Balance of Your Photos

Image color correction can be used to alter the overall color balance in a photo. For example, warmer colors make you look more natural and healthy. Using PhotoWorks for color correction can help you remove different color distortions caused by poor lighting or a faulty camera.

Perform color correction

Do you better prefer mobile devices rather than PC? Learn how to set a white background to your photo using Whitagram.

It's easy to waste hours trying to create a white photography background 'in camera' but get grainy, under- or overexposed photos as a result. Now you know how to put a white background on a picture in a much better way. Don't wait, choose the photos you want to start with and master new skills in a few minutes with PhotoWorks!


Add White Background to a Photo?

It's absolutely joyful with PhotoWorks!

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